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Mission Statement

The mission on the Campus Safety is to provide effective, efficient, and consistent service to every member of the staff and students community of University of Mumbai.We exist to assist those who seek and those who impart knowledge, as well as those who provide support to the mission of the University. All members can be a part of this campus safety mission. Your vision and ideology will be a great boost to this initiative. Your views, suggestions and inputs are always salutation. While the aim of Campus Safety is charged with the primary responsibility of maintaining a reasonably safe and secure environment by identifying programs, methods, and approaches to educate the community on latest known or unknown issues, it is the responsibility of the entire community to promote and preserve an atmosphere where diverse social, cultural, and academic values may develop and prosper creating an atmosphere conducive to living, learning, and working.

You can be a part of this mission. All members of the University of Mumbai Campus Safety mission are expected to actively participate in the life of the Campus and in achievement of our goals. It is only through our collective efforts that our mission will be accomplished.

Establish a cohesive and supportive work environment - one that encourages innovation with an emphasis on the quality of services we offer.

Provide protection of persons and property through crime and loss prevention initiatives. Facilitate public and campus-wide awareness of safety issues, along with support for and involvement in our campus safety-orientated activities.

Become an integral part of the entire campus community.Achieve voluntary compliance with rules, regulations, ordinances, and laws through equal application of enforcement. Maintain a commitment to excellence. Develop a campus safety Emergency Notification System that is a forerunner in the field, widely respected and trusted. Campus Emergency Notification System Report your findings mail to

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