Career Counseling

Counseling means one who gives advises to another. Career Counseling, psychological, mental or emotional counseling. At University level, the idea should be guiding and assisting students throughout their study at the institution, providing appropriate assistance at each stage of the student's development, growth or progress. This process often should begins with a career counseling process designed to help students developing their self-knowledge and awareness of options needed to select an academic major or a cautious career direction.

Students should be guided in thinking about their interests, values, competencies, and personal characteristics. They should be advised through conversation and exercises, otherwise students often discover beforehand unidentified interests.

Now a days Career counseling is frequently offered on a one-on-one basis, but at times this service is provided through group workshops, classes, or computerized guidance systems. When a student is asked to begin the exploration on a computer, an individual follow-up session with a counselor is generally encouraged. Career counseling often includes the use of standardized assessment instruments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, the Self-Directed Search, or other instruments designed to clarify (to make clear or easier to understand) career interests, values, personality, or self-identified skills.

As part of the career counseling process, students may be asked to research careers through either reading or interviews with professionals. A career resource library is an essential component of the career services office. These libraries should have a collection of good journals and books on a wide range of counseling and career options as well as job search manuals and information on employers. Some information formerly provided in book form, such as directories of employers, is increasingly being delivered through the Internet. Many of the internet web sites do have useful links. This can be carefully scrutinized and undated periodically, so that latest information about the desired options can be made available to the needy students.