Certificate in Fiber Optics Technology

Certificate in Fiber Optics Technology
Course Duration: 20 Hours
Total Fees:- ` 2,000/-

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fiber Optic Cabling

  • Introduction to fiber optic Cabling
  • The Installations
  • Hints for doing field terminators
  • OTDR Testing

  • History of fiber optics
  • How fiber works
  • The design of fiber, core, cladding
  • Optical fiber sizes
  • Lay down ,Consolidation
  • fiber optic drawing
  • Depressed Clad fiber design
  • Life expectancy
  • Bending parameters
  • fiber geometry parameters
  • fiber curl
  • Attenuation
  • Dispersion
  • Transmission in the 1550 nm Window
  • Cut off wavelength
  • Splicers and connectors
  • Connectors
  • Outside, premises cabling
  • fiber vs Copper
  • Safety
  • Zero tolerance for dirt
  • fiber specifications
  • fiber itself
  • Multimode and Single mode fibers
  • fiber types and specifications
  • Choosing a cable
  • Cable design criteria
  • Conduit and Innerduct
  • Connectors
  • Connector types
  • Splicing
  • fiber optic network
  • Designing cable networks
  • Industrial networks
  • High speed networking
  • fiber optic testing
  • Visual tracing
  • Measuring power
  • Testing loss
  • How OTDR work
  • OTDR limitation
  • Restoration
  • Bidding
  • Documentation
  • Estimating Software

fiber Optic Cabling

This is the latest technology used in internet cabling it is powerful, reliable and very good for long distance cabling.


What is fiber optic cabling ?

It is a type of cabling used to connect through the World Wide Web that is Internet.


Where fiber optic is used ?

It is normally used in Industries as well as government bodies.


What are the career chances after doing this course ?

You can work as a fiber optic technician, Supervisor or fiber optic design engineer any where. These people are in demand.



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