Certificate in Computerized Accounting (Tally)

Certificate in Computerized Accounting (Tally)
Course Duration: 50 Hours
Total Fees:- ` 5,000/-


Students are introduced to the fundaments of bookkeeping including debits and credits, assets, liabilities, equities, journalizing transactions, posting of accounts to ledgers and preparing a trial balance.

Students transfer their knowledge from accounting Fundamentals and learn how to apply these concepts in a computerized environment using Simply Accounting. Some topics covered in this module include setting up computerized accounting system, computerized journals and ledgers, income statements and balance sheet, billing, taxation, payroll, as well as customer accounts.

The Accounting, payroll and other computerized entries equips learners with the tools necessary to meet the demands of the current job market. The aim of this program is to provide you with a combination of computer and office administration skills and a practical foundation in accounting, computerized accounting systems and payroll. Computerized Accountants help to ensure that the records kept more accurately, and its taxes paid properly and on time.

Students are prepared to enter the employment market upon graduation after a 5-week practicum giving them on the job experience. Industry is clear about the kind of training they want and we have paid close attention to their needs in developing this program.

Students in our Computerized Accounting program gain a competitive edge by participating in the Certificate Program offered through the DLLE- Continuing Education Program. Types of employment upon Certification include careers in accounting and administration in a variety of settings including small, medium or large-scale businesses.


Course Contents

  • Basic Computer Configuration
  • Antivirus, Proxy Internet,

Tally Installation & Activation:-

  • Installation and Activation of Tally.
  • Sharing of License and Data in LAN (Multi User).

Basic Accounting:-

  • Introduction to Accounts
  • Basic Principles of Accounting
  • Generation of Transactions / Vouchers
  • Manual Accounting Entries of Transactions
  • Ledger Posting and Balancing of Ledgers
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Finalization of Accounts (Profit & Loss A/c. and Balance Sheet)

Basic Tally:-

  • Creation of Company
  • Setting up F-11 Features (Activating Various applicable Features & Functionalities of Tally)
  • Setting up F-12 Configuration (PC Configuration for Entries)
  • Alteration / Creation of Required Voucher Types, Setting up Voucher Numbering Pattern, etc.
  • Creation of Required Accounting Groups
  • Creation of Ledger Masters
  • Creation of Inventory Groups and Items
  • Accounting Entries and Inventory Entries
  • Ledger and Group Reports
  • Trial Balance and Profit & Loss A/c. & Balance Sheet

Advanced Tally:-

  • Generation of Various existing Accounting MIS Reports
  • Generation of Various existing Inventory MIS Reports
  • Inventory Movement Analysis
  • Exceptional Reports
  • Statutory Features:-

    • VAT & CST :

    • Creation of VAT & CST Ledgers (as per Tally’s requirement)
    • Setting up of VAT & CST Classes in Sales Voucher Type for auto Calculation of VAT
      (if required)
    • Accounting Entries for VAT & CST
    • Generation of VAT & CST Reports & Forms

    • Service Tax:

    • Creation of Service Tax Ledgers (as per Tally’s requirement)
    • Accounting Entries for Service Tax
    • Generation of Service Tax Reports, ST3 Challan, Input Credit Form, etc.

    • eTDS:

    • Creation of TDS Ledgers (as per Tally’s requirement)
    • Accounting Entries for TDS
    • Printing of TDS Challan
    • Challan Reconciliation
    • Generation of TDS Computation Chart
    • TDS Outstanding Report
    • Generation of Form 16 (TDS Certificate)
    • Generation of eTDS Report for filing of Returns

    • TCS:

    • Creation of TCS Ledgers (as per Tally’s requirement)
    • Accounting Entries for TCS
    • Generation of TCS Reports

    • FBT:

    • Creation of TCS Ledgers (as per Tally’s requirement)
    • Accounting Entries for TCS
    • Generation of FBT Reports

    Payroll Masters:-

    • Creation of Pay Heads
    • Creation of Unit of Measurement
    • Creation of Employee’s Master
    • Creation of Salary Base for individual Employees
    • Creation of Attendance Types

    Payroll Vouchers:-

    • Entries in Attendance Voucher
    • Entries in Payroll Vouchers
    • Entry of Salary Payment

    Payroll Reports:-

    • Generation of Pay slips
    • Generation of Attendance Registers
    • Generation of Bank Advice
    • Generation of Expat Reports
    • Generation of Other MIS Reports for Payroll


    General overview of all the above
    Question & Answer Session:
    General and Advanced Question & Answers Session on Tally.

    Continuing Education