Extension & Field Outreach
Career Skills Development Education [CSDE]
Learning activities being carried out by a student under (CSDE):

  • Career exploration
  • Identify and evaluate career possibilities and study.
  • Refine language skills, letter writing & resume or brush up skills and personal potentials.
  • Search for suitable Career by networking, online job sites, and other sources.
  • Make contact with employers
  • Mail or e-mail your resume, call potential employers, set up interviews.

Once the student had chosen a career in mind, he / she will need to decide if he / she have the skills necessary to find a job in that career field or if he / she will need to brush up by learning and adopting.

The contents to be studied online
CV Writing
20 Hrs.
Business Writing
20 Hrs.
Business Email Writing
10 Hrs.
Business Letter Writing
15 Hrs.
Business Report Writing
15 Hrs.
Certificate in Corporate Writing Skills includes the following short courses

a) CV Writing (Duration - 20 hrs)

The CV writing course will teach you:

  • CV writing skills: Punctuation, voice and sentence construction.
  • The role of a good CV.
  • The difference between CV writing and rsum writing.
  • How to organizing your CVs content.
  • How to write the different CV sections.
  • The use of action words to highlight your experiences effectively.
  • How to format your CV for different readers.


  • Sample CV
  • CV Action Word List
  • Develop your own impactful CV in this 10 Step course.
  • Every job seeker knows that a good CV is the first step to a good job. But what exactly is a good CV? When people talk about an impactful CV, what exactly do they mean? The CV Writing Online Course answers these questions and guides you to prepare your own impactful CV in 10 steps.
  • The CV Writing course uses sample CVs as examples to demonstrate the different ways that a good CV can be created. It uses walkthroughs and demonstrations to highlight different sections of an impactful CV and helps the student understand why it is considered to be an impactful CV.
  • The rich audio-video course content simplifies the process of CV writing and goes step by step through the entire process of writing your own impactful CV.
  • The CV writing course instructor will offer one-on-one interaction, guidance and support throughout the course. Students will be able to post questions and doubts about CV writing in a personal and private manner.
  • The instructor will be there to answer general and specific questions as you design your own impactful CV. The instructor will also check your CV at the end of the course. The instructor will edit and proofread your CV.

Submit the specified assignments online.
Successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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