Extension & Field Outreach
Career Skills Development Education [CSDE]
d) Business Letter Writing (Duration-15hrs)

The Business Letter Writing Course is for working professionals who want to improve their business letter writing skills. Understanding letter formats for different needs will give your business communication an added advantage.

In the Business Letter Writing course, you will learn how to write business letters that are crisper and more effective. Whether you are writing business letters to local clients or international ones, effective business letter writing will increase communication effectiveness.

The Business Letter Writing course uses audio-video teaching lessons to help you understand exactly how to write a business letter. The course deals with different letter formats for different situations request letters, intimation letters, apology letters and cover letters. Throughout the course, the course instructor will guide you through one-on-one communication.

The business letter writing course will teach you:

  • The importance of effective letter emails.
  • The sections of a business letter.
  • Common mistakes in business letter writing.
  • Types of business letters: Request, intimation, complaints, apology and cover letter.
  • Practice assignments on different letter formats.
  • Creating effective and impactful PowerPoint presentations.

Submit the specified assignments online.
Successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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