Extension & Field Outreach
Career Skills Development Education [CSDE]

Work to be carried out by the student;

  • Select a career you like.
  • You will begin to identify potential careers, gather information about those careers.
  • Find out all possible information about the career from Vocational Guidance provided by the College and the Department, and from libraries, etc.
  • Log on to the website of the department and perform as per the guidance.
  • Select the desired Skill Development Education program and attend training sessions at the training center or through the e-learning mode.
  • Match the career information with the results from your self-assessment.
  • Complete the courses of your choice for minimum 80 hours.
  • Appear for the online examination and gain the merit certificate.
  • Take a printout of the certificate.
  • Participate in Field outreach activities

Prepare a report of the project undertaken by the student while carrying out the extension education, field works, with full details and the attainable benefits to the society, for which the activities have been undertaken. This can be submitted either online or in hard copy together with the certificate printout.


Each student has to participate in field outreach activity for minimum 40hrs including preparation hours as mentioned below:

1. Seminar, Campaign

2. Audio-visual show (video clips, power-point presentation)

3. Preparations of posters, pamphlets & banners

4. Skit and any other form of presentation.

The above mentioned field outreach activities should be organized by a group of maximum 50 students only, at nearby school, NGO, Temple place, Hospital campus or any other appropriate area which suits with the activity (with the due permission of the authority of the said place) where the people can be easily gathered and managed. Please do not organize these activities on road / footpath creating traffic problems.

The purpose of the field out-reach activities of 40 Hrs. is to dissemination of skills and information learned by the students, under 80 instructional hours of in-house learning, to the society

The methodology of instructions is more learner-oriented and the instructions are through Electronic Learning Mode; through CBT rather than face-to-face communication. ALL THESE MODULES ARE AVAILABLE ON OUR E-LEARNING PORTAL AND THE SAME IS AVAILABLE AS LEARNING RESOURCE FREE OF CHARGE:

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