Extension & Field Outreach

Under the Information Communication Technology-Skills Development Education Programme (ICT-SDE), it is expected to assist individuals of any age group, at any point throughout their lives, the use of ICT for education and training, occupational choices and to manage their livelihood.

Relevance of the project activity :

With the advent of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) revolution, the world is witnessing an expansion in Lifelong Learning. The new ICT revolution has enabled academic institutions to provide a flexible and more open learning environment for students. The convergence of new information technologies such as telecommunications, computers, satellites, and fiber optic technologies is making it easier for institutions to implement Lifelong Learning. The Internet is perhaps the most transformative technology in history, reshaping business, media, entertainment, and society in astonishing ways. But for all its power, it is just now being tapped to transform education. New opportunities are emerging in the area of web-based learning through ICT enabled education as bandwidth and transmission speeds increase. These new opportunities are increasing accessibility and quality of ICT enabled education. Computer based learning and teaching is a rapidly growing area in education. Traditional forms of education are being transformed as the Internet becomes the new medium for communication. Web-based course delivery can offer a vibrant learning environment created through different teaching strategies, activities, and technologies. It is time to learn and adopt the ICT skills and to move from promise to practice.

Enrichment of education through use of information communication technology;:

  • It is expected that moderate use of Information Communication Technology in Education, Social Development and other allied areas where it would be useful for enhancement of skill set in terms of latest technology and its advancement both in learning activities and for development of the society.
  • Students are introduced to ICT initiative in learning process and also at community level developmental activities.
  • The main focus and the importance of Information Communication Technology project is to prepare students computer literate with the required skills in handling ICT enabled services.
  • To provide students the learning opportunities to access to different options available under the ICT.
  • To provide students access to ICT enabled services
  • To help student to learn how to use ICT for different applications and its potential for storing of Information /data process and retrieve them for use.
  • To enhance student's employability skills.
  • To undertake dissemination of extension education for the benefit of the society.