The Department has its own library which stocks approximately eight thousands books related to Adult Education, Continuing Education, Population Education, Counseling and Guidance, Environment Education, Gerontology, Research Methodology, Sports, Travel and Tourism, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, Journalism and other books in the area of sociology, psychology etc.

This Centre was established in the year of 1986. Extension, as the third dimension of higher education, facilitates the linkage of higher education with the development of the disadvantagde groups. In the initial years the main activity of this Centre was community-based adult literacy programme. Thereafter the Centre extended its functions in two rural blocks of Nadia district. This Centre launched the first Jana Siksha Nilayam, for post literacy activities, in West Bengal in the year 1989. Now community-based continuing education programmes are being organized in those areas. From 1994 this Centre introduced an one-year Postgraduate Diploma Course in Adult Education and from 1999, self-financed and short-term continuing education courses were introduced. Now twelth such courses are organized with the help of resource persons available at the University and in the neighbourhood. The Centre is also conducing Evaluations and Research on non-formal and adult education and maintaining linkage with some well-known NGOs, both national and international. Till now from the inception, the Centre has published Twenty books and booklets for Scholars / Adult educators and Neo-literates