Student Counseling

Our mission is to maintain the voice of helping professionals focused on serving college and university students in a mental health setting. Our goals include:

  • Promoting the aims and values of human development in community colleges, colleges, and universities
  • Providing a forum and place for the exchange of ideas, innovations, research, and standards
  • Increasing the representative voice of those traditionally underserved and ignored in society
  • Encouraging interaction, support, and networking among all student affairs professionals
  • Providing an opportunity for mental health professionals to become involved in participatory leadership
  • Identifying suitable mode of counseling.

Our Ultimate aim is that we should all be concerned about the welfare of our students and our campuses. To engage in knee-jerk reactions due to panic, however, seems the exact opposite of what intelligent and rational people should do. Our hope is that cooler heads prevail from what has become a repulsive situation.

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